witching hour polls and random musings

Saturday morning and I still have the house to myself. It’s a beautiful thing. Rainy, cold, and slightly squishy outside. Autumn in Vancouver. Liquid dripping from every surface. Have a million things lined up for the weekend. All good stuff. Just tyring to hold the world at bay for another delicious hour or so before I insert myself into the stream of Kitsilano life. Sidney is still in bed and refuses to get up.

Didn’t do a poll last night in the end. Had an actual conversation with one of my friends instead. Had to resort to such drastic measures because she accidentally switched the language settings on her ancient pink blackberry (does anyone still use blackberries?) and couldn’t figure out how to swtich it back. Neither of us understands arabic so … the phone rang and we talked. Mainly about the fact that she might need to retire her ancient pink blackberry.

Been thinking I should chronicle some of the better polls that have happened in the last few months. This is as good a place as any to archive the data that has been mined through this rigorous scientific process. Will add them when I have empty spaces in my day.

big juicy staurday love to all

cast of characters
sidney (sid) – best dog in the world, PBx who found his way to me via the SPCA 8 yrs ago
carrie (beaver chop) – friend with ancient pink blackberry, my “saturday girl”


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