witching hour polls and random musings

No poll again yesterday. Too much time in the real world with real people. Coffee with a friend, hot+hot+hot yoga with the beautiful people of kitsilano, and dinner with friends. The evening concluded with the return of my wayward son. The 24 hours I spent away from him was enough to make me excited to see him again. Starting this single-parenting when those being parented are at least 17 has certain advantages. Guess I couldn’t just send him out in the world for 24 hours if he was 8.

This is actaully turning into a perfect weekend. Lots of social stuff with just enough time on my own to collect my thoughts (thoughts that are firing at an ever more frenetic synaptical pace … it’s a bit too busy in that head of mine right now) and reset my emotional compass. I am inching towards a 1-week vacation that I know I desperately need. Haven’t taken any time off since Cory and I split. Have kept putting one foot in front of the other and tried desperately to fill every minute of every day with people, places, and things that will keep me from the awareness that I might actually be sad. Devastatingly, heart-brokenly sad about the way things ended and about what has been lost. I’m a bit worried about what’s going to happen during that week when I have more than an hour to myself. Could be messy.

In the meantime … today brings brunch with friends, a trip to the beach with sidney, more yoga, and grocery shopping. Doesn’t sunday always bring grocery shopping?

cast of characters
myles (bub) – the creative / funny / smart 17-year-old who lives with me, my stepson
cory (the ex) – fell in love in the spring of 2002, went our separate ways in the spring of 2012
sidney (sid) – best dog in the world, PBx who found his way to me via the SPCA 8 yrs ago


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