witching hour polls and random musings

So I was standing in the kitchen yesterday talking to Myles. When I took a step towards the table, my left hip crumpled underneath me. Shooting pain up and down the side of my body radiating from my left hip which had been perfect up until that very moment (not that I have perfect hips … you know what I mean). For no reason at all!! I had been running around all day … no problems. True. I had been showing off in yoga the night before. Being a bit defiant. Mainly because the teacher was bugging me. She didn’t really seem to know what she was doing and she kept saying “come on party people”. Perhaps that was the cause of the white light searing pain that threatened to knock me on my ass if I even thought about moving. Bad karma of the hip? Who knows?

In any event, it made me wonder. Would you rather look 30 years old on the outside and feel 80 on the inside or look 80 years old on the outside and feel 30 on the inside? Advance voting on poll of the night is now open. Go.

cast of characters
myles (bub) – the creative / funny / smart 17-year-old who lives with me, my stepson


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