witching hour polls and random musings

Hmmmm … it’s been a whole month since my last entry. Lots has happened. Much thawing out and much delicious distraction.

The big thaw started with my writing retreat. Tucked away in a perfect little cabin in the woods … far enough away from the buzz of the city to be soothing and close enough to keep a city girl like me from being terrified. I had four whole days alone … probably the longest time I have spent completely on my own since … well … maybe EVER! Can that be true?!? I expected a big emotional unravelling and reconstruction, but it didn’t happen exactly like that. It was as if the “everything is perfectly fine thank you very much” laquer with which I had painted myself just kind of dripped away to allow someone more fresh, and more raw, and more genuine to come forward. The open space, sunshine, and fresh air brought me back. And the music. I played my music loud for 4 days straight and it was healing. Having lived in such tight spaces for years, I forgot how much I love (even need) music in my life … occasionally played very loud. It was amazing. So the terrible implosion didn’t happen. And yet … I felt myself come back to life. It was an amazing experience. Oh … I also got some writing done. Bonus. I also threw in dancing in my underwear, hot tubbing in the pitch black quasi-wilderness, and a bit of yoga. I highly recommend the combination.

So … that’s how November started. Made my way back to Vancouver feeling completely alive and excited. Fully open.

The remainder of the month was full of excitement. I had almost too much energy … couldn’t do enough to get it out of my system and stop vibrating. It was productive and fun and fluid. In no particular order it included … exposing assumptions, reestablishing boundaries that had drifted, more music, more dancing, visits with friends who live close and those who live far away, about 5000 text messages, yoga, running, tattooing, sleepy under the covers phone calls, dragonfly pose, writing, spending time in a big black truck, guinness, getting slightly lost, and room #708. It was an amazing month.


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