witching hour polls and random musings

It turns out that there are at least a handful of people who are reading this thing. To you I must say … proceed with caution as the written word is often an illusion. What I write is real and true and straight from my heart … at the time it’s written. However, it is not necessarily fact. Or at least not fact in the same way that gravity is a fact. And certainly not on par with undisputed facts like … moving fast is always better than moving slow, Wave of Mutilation by the Pixies has the best guitar sound of all-time, and  small pocket jeans always make your ass look bigger.

So that is the disclaimer / footnote / caveat that you must keep in mind.

I started this thing to give release to at least some of the chaos that swirls around inside my head. Why I choose to do that cybernetically is a topic that could (perhaps should?) be debated. It could be basic, straight-up narcissism that makes me think that someone out there would be interested in my rants and musings. It could simply be a habit of the 21st century. In this time and place, it’s as if things didn’t really happen unless they are chronicled on the world-wide-web. Further to that, this might be about witnessing. There is something powerful about having your story witnessed (if you’re really interested in reading what I write or learning more about the power of narrative, let me know and I’ll send you a link to the 200 page thesis I wrote on the subject … read that and I’ll really be impressed). There’s definitely something to that for me. Although I didn’t expect anyone to read this thing, it felt (feels) good to put my thoughts out into the world. It gives them solidity and shape. It allows me to to make sense of things.

And that brings me back to the disclaimer.

If I write about someone at work acting like a dick-douche, or about punching a yogi in the head, or about boning … just know that what you are reading may not be entirely true or real. In fact, the very act of writing about these things often makes them transform or metamorphose (didn’t you always think “metamorphisize” was a real word? had to look this one up) into something new and different. That’s kind of the point.


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