witching hour polls and random musings

ImageDrenched in sunshiny goodness for 12 days straight. Beach loving, wave worshiping, and bliss surfing. Came back to reality lacquered in happiness … wearing an enamel of brightness and beauty and strength. Feel restored and excited. Light and energetic. In fact, I’m so in love with life right now that I can barely wait for the next day to arrive. Makes sleeping a bit difficult but … it’s a good feeling. Lots of things are helping to sustain the good aloha vibes.

  1. honeymoon phase with myles … he missed me (and our little life) while I was gone and is super grateful I’m back
  2. spending a couple of amazing hours with dez … hadn’t seen him in ages
  3. loving puppy dog who makes me laugh all the time … and who does amazing swimming at porteau cove
  4. cherry blossoms and golden sunshine
  5. easter dinner with some of my favourite people
  6. yoga + music (REPEAT many times)
  7. bike riding with my saturday girl and zombie marathon with SLC
  8. enough time during my work day to breathe and think and feel like I’ve accomplished enough stuff to go home at the end of the day
  9. fun fun fun conversations with _________
  10. new iPhone … I know it doesn’t quite fit with all of the other items on this list but you try going 2 whole weeks without a phone … brutal (special thanks to SLC for letting me hold hers and use hers and sleep with hers when we were in hawaii)

Plus … so many fun things on the horizon. Including (but not limited to) visiting with friends and family, tattoos, stand-up paddling, hiking, wanderlust, road-trips, biking, sangria, kayaking, beach yoga, big lebowski theme parties, and basking on patios. Summer is just around the corner and life is good.

PS … I know this is not the most profound or provocative thing I have ever posted, but go listen to this – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0Yeb3q5nqWA. Then you’ll know how it feels to be cellularly infused with golden, blissful, mind-blowing yumminess. Hard to be profound and provocative when you just want to smile and dance and kiss.

cast of characters
myles (bub) – the creative / funny / smart 17-year-old who lives with me, my stepson
dez (mondo) – myles’amazing twin brother, currently being held hostage by his crazy mom
sidney (sid) – best dog in the world, PBx who found his way to me via the SPCA 8 yrs ago
carrie (beaver chop) – my “saturday girl” who is willing to try just about anything
sherri (SLC) – my musical soul mate who shares with me a love of vampires and the absurd
he who shall remain nameless (no pants) – tattooed occupant of room 708 and lover of mittens

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