witching hour polls and random musings

IMG_9168Time is fuzzy oh so fuzzy right now. I blame the string of sludgy damp days we’ve had … it’s way too much grey on grey for this blond on blond. I feel as though the calendar pages have stopped turning. So … since my dates are kinda sketchy … let’s begin the story I’m about to tell with a very familiar phrase …

Once upon a time in a magical kingdom by the sea (where yoga pants and starbucks logos and designer dogs were all the rage), a blond girl ended a phone call and read an article. Although she didn’t realize it at the time, both changed the course of her life.

The phone call was one that spanned the universe. It had a pulse. There were inhales, exhales, gasps, and sighs. It was a call that was long overdue. Things that had been unsaid were said and unsaid again. A soundtrack played in the background. It primarily consisted of B-sides and remixes of songs by the Doors. As the call began, the tide was out and the blond girl idly drew hearts in the sand with the piece of driftwood that she had found before dialling. The waves crept closer until they kissed her ankles … swirling prettily around her feet. Covered and uncovered and covered again. Shins and knees and hips and waist slowly submerged as the conversation moved. At the seventh wave crescendo, her feet were pulled from the wet sand in which they had been buried. She floated just beneath the surface as the golden light refracted in all directions. One heartbeat and another. Then her toes brushed the bottom again. Air enveloped her where water had just been … forcing her to bear her own weight again. The tide ebbed and they spoke of nothing things. Erasing things. Movies and weather and books and weekend plans. When it was over … things that had been unsaid were said and unsaid again. 60 minutes from start to finish. It was a phone call that changed the course of her life.

In the very next moment, the blond girl read an article that was about surfing and not about surfing. It was called 7 Soul Lessons from a Surfboard by Katherine Smith. It was beautiful and true and it also changed the course of her life. We will come back to this again but here are the things that made the blond girl start breathing again when she didn’t think she could. When she didn’t even realize she had stopped.

  1. timing is everything – It’s all about timing … being in the right place at the right time. Trying to put yourself in the right place at the right time takes experience, intelligence, and an understanding of the tides and rips and wave sets that will help you decide where you’ll paddle out to.
  2. trust your intuition and savour the moment – Decisive action is needed. Hesitation could cost you catching the swell or your life. When that wave comes calling, you have a choice — let it pass you by, or drop in. When you drop in, you can never know exactly what will happen because you’ve never done it before.
  3. commit – You just have to have the courage to commit to your game … to relentlessly keep returning and trying time and time again.

There is so much more in there, but that was enough. Thanks to Katherine Smith and her incredible article … the course of the blond girl’s life changed again.

And they all lived happily ever after. The end. (Okay … well not the end … much more to come actually so you should definitely stay tuned.)

INSIDER TIP: the blond girl in this story may or may not be me


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