witching hour polls and random musings

IMG_9449I’ve been waiting a lifetime for this day to come. A day that would erase the gloom of the past couple of weeks. A day that would encourage the earth to settle. A day that would allow the anxiety to evaporate.

We needed this one. I needed this one. It was a day that included the perfect mix of peace and energy, time alone and contact with others, discipline and fun.

If the universe had thrown in cookies and stand-up paddling and kissing … my little heart might have exploded. It would have been too much blissy goodness to cram into one tiny day. It was just right.

Today’s playlist included a million tiny moments that made this blond girl say mmmmmmm.

  • waking early with golden sunbeams kissing my eyelids
  • starbucks, starbucks, and more starbucks from my favourite Hawaii mug
  • page after page of journalling
  • long distance phone calls with people big and small ❤
  • sifting through tunes to make the perfect beach playlist
  • first bikini session of the year
  • spanish banks … the loveliest of all
  • music, music, and more music (including a mega dose of doors and jimmy morrison)
  • secret selfies … smiling is over-rated
  • tan lines and flip flops
  • baddha padmasana and the end of the challenge
  • running my ass off
  • handstands … working on lotus legs and dropping into chaturanga … so far to go
  • take out mac n cheese
  • patio time
  • saving a bumble bee
  • messages from the killer blond on the other side of the country

Yup … it was a good day. 🙂

cast of characters
GSB (george street barbie) – my long-distance love whose lips are a volcano (really hot)


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