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sharknado-enough-saidJune has turned into a full on sharknado of a month … and not in the good way like when GSB and I watched it in his tiny little bed on a cold winter night … I mean in the nasty, chaotic, sharks falling from the sky to bite you in half with their razor sharp teeth way. It’s been the kind of month in which everything has stopped making sense … when sharks literally could be swimming up the streets and our only hope is for Ian Ziering (of all people) to save the day by sawing them in half with a chainsaw. I’m honestly not liking my odds.

I don’t get it. I don’t understand. Literally … I am having trouble processing everything that is happening. It is too much for my little blond brain to comprehend. I hear what people are saying to me but it has stopped making sense. I am so confused. To quote my friend’s 5-year-old … “my ears hear you but I don’t know what you are saying”.

What did you mean when you said all that stuff to me a few days ago? What did you mean today when you acted like that never happened?

So this is no longer coming as a surprise to me but it turns out that Mercury is in FUCKING retrograde again (June 7 – July 1). That could explain everything. Capricorns (even those like Bowie, me, and the Big E who were born on a weird cosmic misfire of a day within that sign) are particularly sensitive to the impact of all Mercury retrograde cycles. We are warned that communication (especially with coworkers and partners), travel plans, and career decisions are going to be tricky. Cafe Astrology reminds us that “there could be irritating mess-ups on the job in which we miss important details in our paperwork or experience frustrating delays that result from co-workers’ errors.” They caution that “travel plans may go awry or that we may have a change of heart”. They note that “mixed messages coming from a partner or a disappointment could occur now.” They suggest that it is important “to be especially clear when it comes to communicating with partners, co-workers, and superiors” and recommend that “we take this time to re-examine issues rather than communicating about them prematurely.”

Fear of MiR’s power has me paralyzed. It is impacting the areas of my life in which I am most vulnerable and most confused – my relationship with GSB, travel, and my career. I’m afraid to make a decision. I don’t trust my instincts. I want to just stand still until the sharknado ends, until Mercury starts spinning in the proper direction, until June ends.

Unfortunately that’s not an option. The only thing I can think to do is to face this looming disaster head-on. So … I’m going to watch Sharknado. Enough said. I think it will give me some ideas. I may buy a chainsaw. (SPOILER ALERT: the good guys win in the end.)


One thought on “sharknado … enough said

  1. PS (like actual post-script) … seconds after I published this … I spilled a giant glass of water all over my desk … it soaked 2 keyboards, my iPhone, and my track pad … does that count as a MiR communication irritation / mishap?

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