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Photo on 2013-05-19 at 13.49-0.jpgHow do I resist when every part of me wants to give in? I long to fall once more into the warp we created in the universe. It takes nothing to lure me back so that I am suddenly moving at the speed of light. Heart racing, every synapse firing, body pulsing with energy that can barely be contained. Vibrating with life and hope and promise. Ready to take the whole thing nuclear.

The most famous equation of all time tells us that energy is calculated by taking the mass of an object and multiplying it by the speed of light. Given how fast light moves (2.9 x 10^8 metres per second), even a tiny amount of mass has the potential to yield an incredible amount of energy. For example … a blond girl living in vancouver (a tiny amount of mass) who is vibrating at the speed of light (because she gets excited about something) can generate enough energy to power an entire city.

But this theory sometimes fails to deliver on its big promise. In reality, energy can’t be sustained unless it is being used, harnessed, or absorbed. It just dissipates into the solar system … generating all of that energy becomes kind of like playing tennis against a ghost. You serve, lob, and volley into the abyss. Nothing comes back and you just get tired and frustrated. At some point, you need a wicked backhand to come driving at you so that you know the game is still on.

We’re in a global energy crisis. I need to do my part. I need to be smarter. I need to conserve my energy and make sure it is being used when it is most likely to produce positive results.


2 thoughts on “E=mc2

  1. R. G. Tamaki says:

    You need to be sustainable 🙂

    1. why yes RGT … yes I do 🙂

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