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Day 8 of of my 2-week doctor-ordered leave from work and here’s what I’ve noticed so far.

I need more blank spaces in my day. In my life. Having room to breathe and think has been the biggest miracle of the last 7 days. I have started to realize just how much I typically try to cram into my days and the toll that takes on my overall well-being / sanity. It’s not like I sat on my ass last week. I was still busy. The days still went by quickly. It’s just that all of the stuff I did last week is usually wedged into a long work day that includes B2B meetings and double bookings. For the first time in ages, I submitted an invoice for my yoga teaching that had no errors in it. Why? Because I actually sat at my desk at home without distractions and prepared it carefully instead of remembering at the last second that it was due and slamming it together during the 2 minutes I managed to carve out between meetings and project deadlines. SOMEHOW … even it if takes a crowbar and dynamite … I need to find a way to create some of that space in my days when I return to my usual schedule.

I forgot how much I love walking.

Qualifier. I hate (absolutely loathe) “going for walks”. Walk?!? I don’t get it? Why wouldn’t we run / bike / rollerskate / hike instead? Pick up the pace for crissakes! Walking for the sake of walking? Meh. No thanks. But walking to get somewhere? Walking as a method of commuting and getting shit done? I love it. I can spend entire days on my feet if I have a purpose. Because I had more time to get places last week than I usually do, I walked LOTS. Walked to yoga, walked to shops, walked to cafes, walked to appointments. It felt amazing! I’ve gone back to parking near my old apartment when I’m practicing / teaching @ yyoga W 4th because the 10-block walk to / from the studio was one of my favourite parts of that whole experience. It helped me stretch out my body and notice the thoughts in my head. I always arrived at the studio and home smiling. So … that’s something that I’m going to try to keep going. #fitbitforthewin

Another qualifier. I specifically love walking BY MYSELF … not with others. I walk FAST. Like really fast. I’m constantly slowing down to match the pace of others and it drives me crazy. I get super frustrated and often end up doing zigzags on the sidewalk or loops around the person I’m walking with just to be moving fast enough to avoid get bored. Walking on my own feels great.

I’m happiest when I don’t have to wear shoes or pants (aka “leg prisons”). #tanktopcuteunderwearbarefeetforthewin

If I have to wear shoes … it should be my runners. I have fallen in love with my black and pink nike barefoot ride 4.0s. They make me feel light, quick, agile.

If I have to wear pants … it should be my new boy jeans. Boy jeans are the best. I’m so tired of girl jeans. Yes my new boy jeans make me look a little like Myles / Dez … or Garth (as in “Wayne and Garth”) … but they make me happy.

Glory juice #3 (apple, lemon, kale, cucumber, celery, ginger) saves lives. Literally.

So does peanut butter toast. Not that organic (scraped from a hippie’s armpit) stuff either. I’m talking about old school kraft crunchy on toasted sourdough bread. It’s been a real struggle over the past few months trying to find things that I can stand to eat so I’m fully embracing the 70s vibe. #pbtoastforthewin

My RMT (Nicole Evans @ teamworks) is magic. I’m seeing her tomorrow and I can’t wait for her to erase the weirdness of last week’s bizarre spa massage / mean lecture experience.

Being a yoga student and yoga teacher is an amazing experience that I sometimes take that for granted. I’m often running (literally running) to get to a class or teach a class after work … arriving just in time with a brain that’s still busy with the demands of my workday, the chaos of my commute, and the things I need to get done as soon as I leave the studio. Having the opportunity to go to class last week with a clear head was such a different experience. The classes I taught were super fun because I had time to prep (new sequences, new playlists, new inspiration). The classes I took were delicious. I was able to be truly present and enjoy every single movement and every single breath. A bonus was having the chance to take classes with some of my fave teachers who I normally don’t get to see because they teach when I’m working.

I’m getting my glow back. Slowly. I’m starting to recognize the person who stares back at me when I bother to look in the mirror. The dark circles under my eyes are fading. The colour is returning to my skin. I know things are different because I’m starting to get called “miss” again instead of “ma’am” when I pay for things at restaurants and stores. I’ve been in a “ma’am” stretch for the past 4-5 months. Totally indicative of how old and faded I was looking. I feel that I’m starting to recover. #gratefulformiss #dontcallmemaam

I have 7 more days to go and I’m interested to see what else there is to discover during this little experiment of mine.

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