witching hour polls and random musings

902740_10151599846499468_1447501850_o♥♥♥ big blue oceans, golden sunshine, words, music that seeps into your cells, ☮, rollerskates, zombie films, coffee, chocolate, family, friends, handstands, flip-flops, tanlines, cutoffs, kissing, and a dog named sid ♥♥♥

welcome to the witching hour

This all started in the spring of 2012. My husband and I had recently split and I found myself on my own for the first time since the age of 13. I felt great (happy, free, excited) for 23 hours of every day. However, things were dark and icky for the hour between 1100 and 1200 at night. I guess it’s because that’s when I was used to crawling into bed with someone. I started to dread 1100 and came to think of it as my “witching hour”.

To counter the dark spot in my day, I started reaching out to my friends and family by doing “polls of the day” via text at 1000 or 1030. Sometimes serious, sometimes not. I’d just put a random question out to people and see who had something to say. Consciously inviting people into my life once per day got me through what would have been some very dark times. The polls caught on and people would start texting me if I hadn’t put a question out. This was my attempt to capture some of the more interesting polls and to continue the conversations. It has since taken many interesting twists and turns.

Currently publishing when the shininess of real life isn’t too distracting to write.

One thought on “gofasterrabbit

  1. Hi Andrea, I found you via MY STUNT DOUBLE: THE SHELL OF A PERSON I HAVE BECOME. It really touched me. Advice: drop your signature black eye-liner (from one addict to another 😉 Go be your real self. Our stunt doubles are serving us in protection… until we find the safety for the real self to emerge… go gentle my friend. Blessings, Xenia Rose @ breathingopen.org

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