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teaching schedule – april 2018

March 18, 2018



Finally feeling as though I have shaken off last year’s warm weighted blanket. Finally stretching, blinking my eyes open, and lifting my head to scan the horizon and quietly slip out of the lingering heaviness. Feet still bare. Eyes still a little blurry. Covers of still turned back in case I need to retreat. Have …

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This is my little guide to how you could (should) spend 5 off-season days in Venice Beach. Upfront caveat. I am not a “foodie”. I eat basically to survive and honestly cannot wait until the world goes full “jetsons” and creates a pill that we can pop once a day to give us the energy …

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I woke this morning to the news that Gordon Downie had passed away after a long, hard-fought battle against cancer. My heart stopped beating and my lungs froze. Time stood still as my cells adjusted to this horrible new reality. Shifting themselves into a new constellation … one that (out of necessity) would try to …

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