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hashtag teaching schedule for october 2016 … did you know that if you took all 12 of my regular classes plus the ones I’m subbing this month that you’d be halfway there to accomplishing the @yyoga 30 day challenge … #youcandoit #YYoga30DC#yogaeverydamnday

Today’s post is brought¬†to you by my ancient iMac (which you would have seen featured in Zoolander’s 2001 parody of the opening scene in the Stanley Kubrek classic “2001 A Space Odyssey” … huh? nevermind!), Margot and Richie¬†Tenenbaum, my little yamaha guitar, and starbucks. Which means it must be September. September. Stupid sad. As usual. …

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We come we go. People enter our lives and exit our lives. But at some point, many of us choose the one we are going to partner up with. When all goes (fairy tale) well, we live happily ever after. However “happily ever after” is an elusive thing and often “the one” turns out to …

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